"An appreciation of sexuality from a masculine ideology of gravitational infatuation...I sit in my thoughts with the question..Just Maybe?..just maybe there is a law to govern attraction..


..A law that allows us to see that our figures maintain their structure in the absence of light...


Maybe humanity has a chance..maybe we just need to turn the lights out..to feel how beautiful we truly are..Maybe?"....



The smallest particle in existence is the ATOM and the largest thing in existence is the UNIverse. Operating in similar definitions..these entities are powered by BALance..graVITY..enerGY.A rotational infatuation..I'm trying to identify MY place within this cosmic plane. I'm searching for my balance..im yearning for that orbital pull of attraction...SPARK! in form of a whimsical smile from across a room,inviting me to come over and introduce myself.


An object in motion I am, without fear; I reach my hand out to feel the fluid current of the fabric of space run thru my fingers. The stained riverbeds on my face which once flowed tears of failure,self-affliction,insecurity...replaced with aging smile lines etched like aqueducts upon my face...these CrYs are for those experiences that remain un-had, the places that remain unseen, the EMOtions left unfelt...AN object In motion I AM.